Monday, March 13, 2017

The Most Important Story in the World

Welcome to Calpolitico, a blog focusing on California politics and hosted by Bruce H. Jennings. Some of you may recognize me as a former senior advisor (aka: political hack) with the California Legislature. While I draw on my political work spanning many years, much of what you will read about on Calpolitico concerns many other people and their impressive political works.

The purpose of this blog is three-fold: first, as a preview of my forthcoming book, The War on California. Second - and integrally related to the book, is to get your reactions and commentary on the stories and individuals who are the basis for my writings. Third - and most important - I am hoping to engage you in new forms of political action in the midst of the unfolding struggles in California.

The War on California, as everyone is learning by the actions of President Donald Trump, has many facets: immigration, health care, commerce, military, natural resources, transportation, and more. While I intend for Calpolitico to venture into many of these arenas, I will focus mainly on what the Guardian calls the most important story in the world: the climate crisis, a topic I prefer to label fossil-fueled crises.

In place of conventional accounts about powerful personalities, my approach is to display the crucial role of lesser known people in politics - public interest advocates. Although many readers may be unfamiliar with these individuals, I hope to introduce you to the wonderfully skilled people and organizations who have been serving you for many years. Beyond their impressive stories, I hope you will be inspired by their advocacy and political activism in your own political work.

This blog will be a bit bumpy as I gain my footing, but I hope you will hang with me and learn about the fascinating background to one of the most important stories in the world - the politics surrounding fossil fuels and the new conflicts facing the Golden State.

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